Love big windows, but hate those clumsy curtains? Well, you need plantation window shutters! Unlike traditional shutters, plantation shutters have more options and louver sizes, and these are just perfect, no matter whether you have a classic house or a contemporary apartment. In this post, we have enlisted 7 reasons why you should consider plantation window shutters over other window treatments.

  • Get the real value for your money. If you intend to sell your house at some point, it makes sense to invest in things that can add to the sale value of the property. Plantation shutters are loved by buyers, and you can expect to get a better price for sure.
  • Shutters are great when it comes to privacy. Don’t like the neighbors prying in your bedroom? Well, with a good shutter, you can keep the windows open without a second thought. Also, shutters add a second layer of security to the windows.

  • Super easy to install, shutters can be added to any room. Besides windows, you can get plantation shutters for doors, as well. Just look for companies like, which can work in a budget and complete installation within a short time with necessary customization.
  • Shutters deflect sunlight in the summers, so your room will feel much cooler. Since there will be limited air leakage, the HVAC system can work better, and you don’t need to pay high for energy bills. In addition, there will be lesser pressure on the HVAC system, which will reduce the repairs and maintenance expenses.
  • There’s no denying that window shutters have a more posh and superior look, especially if you compare them with the curtains and blinds. You can add value to the interiors, with something that will last for years.
  • When it comes to plantation shutters, the prices are very less, compared to what you will save in the long run. Do not shy away from seeking discounts from installers, and if possible, choose something that has a better and more unique finish.

  • Lastly, if you have seniors and kids at home who are allergic to pet dander, dust and pollens, window shutters can be apt solution to keep the interiors clean. When you feel the need for fresh air, you can access the windows!

Check online to know more about plantation shutters, and don’t miss on seeking a quote in advance for the entire project, so that you can plan the finances accordingly.