If you happen to have carpet fitted in your bathroom, a net curtain up or can see pipes everywhere, don’t even both reading on; you need a new bathroom, and pronto.

Meanwhile, there are many bathrooms out there that whilst perhaps not as badly in need of a new bathroom, could use one or at least some new tiles or plumbing. To discover if that is true of your bathroom, we’ve teamed up with Aston Designs, providers of the best bathrooms in Milton Keynes to bring you 3 signs to avoid ignoring, at least any longer.

  1. The Colour of Your Existing Bathroom Suite

Coloured bathroom suites, with the infamous avocado ones ranking top, are considered such a style crime here in the UK in 2017 that experts are advising investors to buy houses that feature them because doing so and then simply replacing the bathroom could quadruple your investment return upon re-selling. That is just how offended would-be-buyers are to discover a property with a coloured suite.

Don’t believe it? Read the article from which this news is taken via the Daily Mail Newspaper website. Meanwhile, to skip straight to remedying the problem and potentially increase the value of your home significantly (as well as the quality of your bathing experience!) get searching for a bathroom designer or fitter via the My Builder website.

  1. Your Tiles are More Cracked Than Cracking

Tiles make or break (no pun intended) the overall look and feel of a bathroom. Hence, if yours are worn out, cracking up (literally), bear flourishes, patterns and features that belong in decades gone by or the state of the grout is showing you up, it really is time to re-tile.

The fantastic thing about re-tiling is that doing it might negate the need to rip out the whole room and begin again. Provided you have a white bathroom suite and one which is in good condition, simply addressing the tiles could completely rejuvenate your bathroom and once again make it a relaxing and restorative place to retreat to at the end of a long day.

A further tip for those concerned they cannot afford a bathroom overhaul or to even re-tile: you can cut a lot of the cost by ditching the high street showrooms and stores and going direct to a supplier, such as London Tile Shop.

  1. Your Pipes Sound Like They’re Choking

Most of us think of updating our bathroom(s) when things begin to look shabby or careworn. The reality is though that it might be the sounds or even smells (at worst) that are trying to tell us we need to get the bathroom re-done.

As explained, explored and discussed in more detail via the Master Tech Plumbing article: Five Signs You Need New Bathroom Plumbing, if your bathroom is experiencing leaks, gurgling noises, a faulty flush or the pipes sound like they’re trying to break free, don’t ignore it. This is one instance when you really do need to take action sooner rather than later.