If you are looking for a more versatile and durable flooring material, engineered timber or wood can fit the bill. For the longest time, engineered timber flooring has been a popular option, and there are many homeowners who prefer this over the choice of hardwood or cork flooring. The thickness of new engineered timber flooring products can vary, and there are many other advantages. Here’s a quick overview for your help.

Versatile options

Engineered wood can be made from a number of wood species, including some of the exotic options, and you can get the kind of finish that you want, which remains the biggest advantage. For many homeowners, engineered timber is the most effective and affordable way to get customized look for their floors. All you need is a good timber supplier, and you can get the desired look and feel. Engineered wood has many layers, which means that doesn’t damage like hardwood when it comes to exposure to water.  It is also easier to install, so if you need thinner wood to match the flooring levels, engineered wood may work better.

On the flip side

Not all engineered wood flooring options are the same, so you need to do your homework well. It is also very important that you choose a reliable vendor for your flooring supplies, so that there are no compromises on quality. Installation also makes a difference in case of the results achieved with engineered wood floors. If the installation is not done right, the flooring may not last as expected. While engineered wood is known to withstand moisture better in most cases, it doesn’t work well for bathrooms or any room where flooding is more frequent. You can consult an interior expert to understand things further.

Final word

Engineered wood works well for most contemporary homes, but quality is an aspect you cannot afford to ignore. Installation and maintenance are other pointers that need attention. Compared to hardwood, engineered wood cannot be refinished as many times, so you need to go for thicker varieties, especially when you want your investment to last for a while. Coming to the pricing, cost can vary depending on the material, and it is a good idea to get an estimate in advance, so that you can evaluate the costs accordingly.

Most suppliers will offer relevant details on various options on request, and it is always better to spend on engineered wood material that’s meant to last.