If you notice that your patio set is getting worn, don’t get a new one. There are a few things that you can do to upgrade your set so that you can keep the same furniture but with a new look that will also be relaxing and appealing to visitors. Especially if you own some timeless pieces made of wicker or rattan. According to Wicker Paradise, one of the best ways to ensure you have long-lasting furniture for your patio is to future proof by buying attractive and timeless looking pieces.

One of the things that you can do is to remove the old cushions and get replacement patio cushions. This is often the easiest way to make upgrades that won’t cost a lot of money.

Furniture that is a solid color is easy to upgrade as you can get beautiful Lloyd Flanders cushions in all colors and patterns. New cushions often work well with furniture that is still in good condition. Make sure you clean the furniture with warm water and a bit of soap before adding the new cushions so that they don’t get dirty. A bit of lemon juice mixed in with the water can get the furniture a bit cleaner than simply using soap.

When it comes to cushions for outdoor furniture, you want to look for sets that have a soft interior that will be comfortable to enjoy while you’re outside. Wait to shop in stores when they have patio sets on clearance because you can usually get items that are of a high quality at a fraction of the original price.