Every home and business needs a roof, but if you haven’t had any problems with your roof recently then it’s really easy not to pay it any attention. While roofs can usually last for a long period of time without any problems, after a while you are likely to have some issues that need to be taken care of. It can be really tricky to find a great roofer who you can trust to do a great job working your roof without overcharging you, and many times you are left after the work is done wondering if you made a good decision in who you hired. If you have hired a roofer recently but aren’t sure if they were the right person for the job then these signs will help you rest easy that you made a good decision.

They Were Upfront About the Cost

One problem that many people experience when hiring roofing companies in Perth is that the roofer is unwilling to discuss the cost and the scope of a project. Whether you are having repairs done or need to have a new roof installed, you need to know how much the project is going to cost so that you can be prepared when you get the final bill. Reputable roofers are willing to talk to you about the price before they start their work. This is partly because they have been in business long enough to understand what something is going to cost and they are willing to be frank with the customer about that price.

They Offer a Guarantee on Their Work

There will likely be a company’s warranty on the items used for your roof, such as shingles, but a great roofer will also be willing to offer a guarantee on the work that they did at your home. This means that if there is a problem after they leave and it is traceable to work that the roofer did then they will come back and fix it for you without charging you for the work. Some sub par roofers aren’t willing to offer this guarantee and when something goes wrong the homeowner is stuck having to find a new roofer to take care of the problem. Instead of having to pay for the same repairs twice, a personal guarantee from the roofer promises that they will take care of problems related to their work.

When choosing a roofer you want to make sure that you hire someone who is willing to come out to your home and check your roof. They shouldn’t ever quote you for the work without spending time up on your roof in person so that they can see its condition and if there are any other problems that they will need to address. While having roofing work done is stressful, the right roofer will ensure that the process goes smoothly.