A doorbell used to be a simple purchase years ago. All you needed to do was go to the local hardware store and choose which sound you liked the most. For some it was a simple ring, for others maybe a jazzy song. These days, with technological innovation there is a little bit more to think about, and with the right doorbell and intercom system you can not only choose a doorbell that looks and sounds right for your home, but that also offers you a greater level of security than you previously had.

There are a few considerations to make when choosing a doorbell for your home, so let’s run through a few of them so that you are fully informed when making a doorbell purchase.

Traditional Doorbell Options

The traditional options provide you with doorbells that alert you to the fact someone is at your front door, as you would expect. They can be installed with a view to adding to the design of your home, but are primarily functional in nature.

A Vintage Mechanical Doorbell

Doorbells traditionally would need to be pulled to be activated, and are most commonly associated with butler bells. Some pull doorbells can be incorporated into both mechanical and electrical doorbell situations. The mechanical doorbell provides you with an authentic look and design that provides an old-fashioned feel and aesthetic. You can choose from a variety of styles and finishes and it can be a talking point from the moment you answer the door to someone.

An Electrical Doorbell

An electrical doorbell still provides you with the dilemma of whether to install a wired bell (where a physical bell wire runs from the bell to the button), or a wireless doorbell where the signal is transmitted from the button to the bell (ensuring the chime can be located anywhere within range of the transmitter). Electric doorbells can also be directly wired to the electrical mains of the property, or be fitted with batteries. The choice depends on how easy installation is for either, and may depend on your property and the location of the front doorbell. Electrical doorbells have made it easier to choose a variety of sounds, including melodies and short songs if desired. Just make sure you don’t choose something that will annoy you after the novelty has worn off!

A Modern Technological Doorbell

With technological advancement has come a change in the way doorbells function. They can now be used to not only alert the home owner that someone is at the front door, but also as an extra layer of home security.

Video Doorbell

With video doorbells you now have the option to see who is on the other side of your door, allowing you to decide whether it is safe or not to open it. You can see whether it is a friendly face, or a stranger who might pose a threat. A video intercom system through your doorbell allows you to talk to the person ringing the doorbell, before deciding whether to open or not. They are easy to install and with connectivity via Wi-Fi and through simple to use Apps on your smartphone you can find a video doorbell system that works for you, and allows you to track your home and front door from any location with ease.

As you can see there are a few options for choosing a doorbell that is right for your property, with modern video doorbells providing that extra level of home security.