Foundation repair must be done before remodeling your home because lifting the structure can cause stress and damage. This means there should be no room extension or kitchen remodeling. It is exciting to plan a home remodeling project. You will need to think about many things like building material, décor, budget, and timeline.

If you have a house in Houston then it is advised to get an estimate for foundation repair. Your remodeling project’s timeline will be based on the completion of foundation repair [if necessary]. It is imperative to have damage in the foundation repaired or lifted prior remodeling. Foundation repair cost Houston will depend on the severity of damages.

Can home remodeling be undertaken prior foundation repair?

Technically, you can remodel home before undergoing foundation repair but it is not sensible. The main process of foundation repair is lifting the structure upwards, which can potentially damage pipes. Tile cracks, sheetrock cracks, and brick exterior fractures.

How much damage to home is expected?

Depending on repair extent, your home will be lifted up to 1” or even more than 4”. Raising home can damage the floors, roofs, countertops, walls, and more. Potential breaks in surfaces may need extra repairs. This can be a total waste on currently modeled surfaces and rooms.

A hypothetical example

For kitchen remodel you made each decision ranging from stone wall treatment to granite counter tops. You are today, the envy of friends and family. Unluckily, you did not consider the foundation weight factor regarding granite countertops and stone wall treatment. You were unknown about the fact that the soil on which your home was constructed could not handle this kind of load. In couple of years, the stone wall treatment started to crack and separate. The local contractor suggested that your home needs piers to lift wall back in its place. This can break down the stone wall treatment. In addition, you will need to pay for piers. This can be costly and you also need to repair the wall treatment.

Other concerned area while undertaking foundation repair is the plumbing system. The stress of uplifting foundation can damage plumbing pipes. Therefore have plumbing system serviced after addressing the foundation repair. Even if your roof needs repair perform it after foundation repair. If roof repair is done before the new roof can develop wrinkles or waves or tiles may crack. So, delay roof repair until foundation problems get resolved.

Foundation repairs prior modeling can cost money and trouble but saves anxiety in future.